Plan today, secure tomorrow

Did you know that three out of five Australian businesses close down within the first five years of start-up? In many cases this can be prevented by business owners paying extra attention to budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

At Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants we are passionate about assisting business owners, like you, make budgeting decisions that will ensure secure, long-term growth.

Get to where you want to go

Budgeting is a great tool when planning for the future and at Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants we strongly recommend all our clients use the right budgeting tool.

With our assistance you'll be able to lay down a budget plan that lets you compare your business' current economic performance to where you'd ultimately want to be. A plan can also suggest why you may be veering off course.

The budgeting type that is right for your business depends on what you want to achieve. Do you need to reign in your monthly spending? Are you saving for a large investment or planning an expansion?

We love working closely with our clients to create future scenarios, define new goals and show you how to reach them. We can't give you a crystal ball but we can give you budget advice based on our many years experience and up-to-date industry expertise.

Remember that sound budgeting is vital in order to see challenges ahead and find solutions in time.

Where will you be in 10 years?

Cash flow management and planning is essential for business success. With the right tools and professional advice you can predict where your business will be financially in a month, a year or even several years.

Know you're making profit but cannot see it on the bottom line? Often businesses make profit only to have their profit tied up in stocks, debtors or capital acquisitions.

At Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants we help you understand where your cash is going and we figure our how to make it flow through to you instead.

Contact us to take control of the financial future of your business today!