How would you like to know the impact of every business decision before you make it?

Profit Optimiser is a powerful business advisory tool that will help improve the financial performance of your business. Profit Optimiser will help you understand, plan and make better business decisions to enable you to grow your business.

Imaging the answers to complex questions like:

  • What if I improve sales by 10%?
  • How can I improve my cash flow?
  • What is the financial impact on cash flow if I increase volume?
  • Can I borrow money? (Profit Optimiser features all the major financial ratios and lending covenants used by banks and financial institutions - we can help you prepare for a successful meeting with a financier).
  • Can I afford to put on another staff member? What impact will it have? How much will they cost me?

Profit Optimiser is part of our Business Focus Session. Profit Optimiser will assist Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants Melbourne to see where your business is now, allows us to identify the strengths and find the weaknesses, fix them and fix them fast! It can then project into the future if changes were made to the business today.

For example, if you collected your debtors 5 days quicker, what impact would that have on your cash flow? What if you turned you stock over quicker, how would that impact cash flow? What about if you also increased price by 5% - do you know how your business would look? We can show you. Please see our Business Focus Session for more information.

Features of Profit Optimiser:

  • Provide a Business Health Check - how is you business performing now?
  • Identify strengths and fix weaknesses.
  • Focus on and improve cash flow.
  • Assist with preparing application for finance - we can tell you if you are likely to get finance & if not, we can help you rectify this
  • We can do "What If's" like, "what if I increased my price by 5%?", "what if I collected debtors quicker and paid creditors later?" and "what if I borrowed $500k for a new piece of equipment?"etc.

Profit Optimiser, in conjunction with our Business Focus Session is a must for any business owner keen on improving their financial performance. Please contact Brett Kenny, Rob Deayton or Mark Rogerson for more information.